NewRockMafia_fam Blog

For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

NewRockMafia_fam Blog

For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers


Nobody's safe


NewRockMafia_fam Blog

This Blog is all about sharing Moments from and with the Bands. I'm going to share my personal memories and my personal opinion about the songs and bands as well.

I'm not working with the bands, but I'll try my best to stay updated and let all of you guys know what's going on. 

If you know, you know. If you don't, you will! 

Big Teena Mood

Stay tuned!



All about the New Rock Mafia 

The NewRockMafia officially became a thing on 20th February 2019.

Part of this Revolution are the following three Canadian bands:

cleopatrick - Luke & Ian

Ready the Prince - Steve, Dan & Jordan

Zig Mentality - Jig, Liam & Quinn

All of these bands have their own style. Every single band has their own community.

After the NewRockMafia announcement, all the people became one huge community which grows every single day!

This is the end of the old Rock Era. This is the beginning of something big.

Forget what you think you know about Rock, this will change everything!

Get ready for the New Rock Era.

Get ready for the !NEW ROCK MAFIA!

Oh and if you know, you know!

New Rock Mafia Memories


cleopatrick and Ready the Prince in Bristol

I'm gonna start with the day they've announced this little UK tour. I was on the phone with Rike and we've had this incredible and crazy idea to buy a ticket and book our flights to the first gig in Bristol.

We've tried our best to not tell anyone of the bands about it, because this was meant to be a surprise. In the end the tour dad of the guys told Ian what we're planning, at least he was the only one who knew about this.

I think we've booked our flights in December and we still had 2 months to go until we could see them live. With our flights booked and our tickets for the gig, we were ready for February to finally happen. We told Steve that we're on our way to Berlin and wished him a good first gig.

My day started at 5am in the morning because I've had to drive to the ariport in Berlin to get my flight at 10am. I literally freaked out by looking on my phone, checking the time and thinking that I've missed my bus to the Victoria Coach Station until I realized, that I have to take an hour away in the UK. I was right on time and had to ride 4 hours to the Coach bus station in London and another 6 hours to Bristol, where I finally met Rike for the first time. Now it was time to get ready and head to Thekla where the gig would happen that night.

Through the streets of Bristol with google maps opened, we walked half an hour to the venue and now it got a little complicated. We thought about surprising all of the guys at the same time and wrote Ian over social media, but he did'nt answered at all. We hid behind a tree when we saw that Jordan and Steve stood in front of the venue. I wanted to go to them and surprise them before we would'nt have the chance at all. When we started to move, both of them went inside again and I thought the surprise was ruined, so we sat down on a bench in front of the venue.

Who came back out after only 2 minutes? Steve, Jordan and Dan, we were paralyzed and I jumped up, turned around and turned my camera on. I've had planned to film the surprise but all of this literally blew up. We've hugged the guys and Steve immediately asked us how the weather in Berlin was.

In the end we walked through the streets of Bristol again, Jordan with google maps on his phone, deciding where we should get something for dinner. We decided to get some pizza, Steve got something else which was disappointing for him in the end. With a little stress and a lot of wind going on, we walked back to the venue, almost losing our pizza on the way.

Back at the venue, we got inside and walked straight to the merch table where Jake sold the merch.

Time after time, we've greeted the others and talked a little bit before the gig started. The only one who was really surprised about us being in Bristol was Luke. He said that we're crazy and we probably really are.

After this incredible night on this boat, we could'nt get home on sunday as planned. Our flights got cancelled because of a huge storm so we had to stay in a motel for one more day. Rike got lucky and could fly back home. I had to drive by bus for 25 hours from London back to my hometown in Germany.

THIS was the craziest thing I've ever done in my life yet, but I would totaly do this again.



cleopatrick EU and UK Tour with Ready the Prince

First of all I want to share my feelings with you when the guys announced that they will come back to Germany, only 6 months after I've first met them in Berlin. I just couldn't believe it, especially not the part that they would bring RtP with'em. All I could do was to freak out.

These two months I've waited, to finally see cleo again and meeting Steve, Dan & Jordan for the very first time, were a total torture.

My sister and I were at the Auster Club and Steve told me that they've started half an hour earlier than usually, so there were only a few people at the beginning. Some of them sat down right in front of the speakers in the first row, which is kind of suicide.

Steve looked at them and said:"You're sure you want to sit there? Because it's going to be loud!"

I think they stood up as soon as Jordan started to play the drums. After All the Love, Steve looked at those girls again and said:"Well I've told you that we're going to be loud." Lighted up the mood for sure!

After some songs the crowd got bigger and bigger and I was beyond proud of all the guys that all of the shows on tour were sold out!

After the Ready the Prince's Setlist, they played a cover of brainstorm together with cleo. This cover was one of the best I've heard by now.

When Cleo started to play their songs, the crowd went crazy as hell! A huge moshpit in the middle of the room and people falling onto the stage because of it. Some people crowdsurfed and so did Luke while he played the guitar.

After the boys finished their Setlist, the crowd wanted to hear another song, so they played another one, but the crowd wanted more! Ian came to the mic and said:"We don't have any songs left. We would love to play another one but we really don't have more songs."

And that's when the crowd decided that they should play Sanjake again an they did. This time the night in Berlin was the best one in 2019 so far and it's going to be hard to exceed this night.

I'm happy that I have the chance to be a part of such a great community.



Newcomer Festival at the Musik und Frieden in Berlin

This day in Berlin was the very first one I've met the boys. The Newcomer "Festival" (it wasn't really a festival, more like an evening in a Club with live music). There were 22 bands splitted on Friday and Saturday. Luke & Ian were the very last one on Saturday.

As we all know, the best comes at the end. To see Luke & Ian perform was great!

Unfortunately there were not a lot of people and they weren't dancing a lot, BUT someone started a moshpit after the first songs. That means there were enough people to do such a thing.

After the last song, the boys started to pack up their stuff. I went to the stage, said Hi to Luke and waited until he had time to talk. In the meantime Ian had packed up his stuff, so I said hi to him as well.

One typical German thing is to shake hands, that's what I did with Ian and he said:"It's like I'm at a professional meeting."

After Luke packed up his stuff as well, he spoke to some guys while some security guy told me to leave because they had to set up the location for another event. That's when I slowly went behind the two guys who talked to Luke. Luke saw me, thanked the guys for coming and came to me with his arms wide open.

My nervousness and my really bad English were not helpful by talking with the boys.