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For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

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For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

Ready the Prince

Steve, Dan & Jordan

Nothing in this world can describe these guys better than the following words:

kind, friendly, big hearted, funny, open minded, supportive

I could list a lot more words like these. Never have i ever met such great guys. Every single person in the New Rock Mafia can confirm that these guys are more than just friendly.

The first time I've listened to Ready the Prince was in December 2018 because cleopatrick mentioned them in one of their Instagram storys. My thought: I should finally listen to them.

(Fun fact: I saw them in a cleo Insta story several months before but haven't had the mood to listen to them. Was a mistake not to do it right at that time)

I thought with cleopatrick I finally found my home in music. Little did I know that Ready the Prince would take over my whole heart in a few seconds only.

After falling in love with the band and their songs, cleo announced a second EU and UK Tour in January. As support: Ready the Prince! After receiving the news, I FREAKED OUT!

Two months later on the 30th March 2019 I've finally met the guys. It didn't all worked out as planned, but it was great meeting them anyways. I knew that the guys would be super kind and sweet but I never thought about getting closer with them. Now here I am, writing this blog about three bands I love.

One moment from the gig in Berlin I probably will never forget: When Dan told me that he totally knew who I was.

(We've never wrote each other before, we didn't even followed each other on Insta)

After writing this novel I just wanted to thank you guys with all of my heart. You have no clue how much you guys and your music mean to me!

Thank you for making the night in Berlin the best in 2019!

See you again soon, hopefully!


Favourite Song?

Teena and Paralysis!

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