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For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers


Luke & Ian

Some words which come right into my head everytime i hear these two names? Kind, courteous and generous.

I first listened to cleopatrick in April 2018 and i totally fell in love with their music. I've shared hometown in my instagram story and mentioned cleopatrick in it.

Little did i know that this would be the start of something so meaningful.

I've wrote a little bit with the guys and when they announced that they will tour the EU and UK, my Fam heart skipped a beat.

So i've bought two tickets for the gig in Berlin, which is 4 hours by bus from my hometown. On 22nd September 2018 Luke & Ian played at the Newcomer Festival at the Musik und Frieden. The gig was a part of their youth tour.

At that gig were only a few people who listened to cleopatricks strong rock songs. I think most of the people in Germany have to get used to the New Rock Era sound.

That was the exact same day i've met Luke & Ian the very first time in person. I'll never forget how Luke came to me and immediately hugged me. Unfortunately i never spoke much with Ian, but he's super friendly as well.

After the gig in Berlin i decided to create a cleopatrick fanpage which is now the newrockmafia_fam page.

Only 6 months after their first gig in Berlin they came back to the EU and UK. Second time seeing Luke & Ian, first time seeing Ready the Prince. On 30th March 2019 cleo and RtP played in Berlin at the Auster Club. I thought that this gig is going to be as little as it was half a year ago, but i was positively surprised about the Club being sold out!

Best night in 2019 so far. Thanks again guys!


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