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For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

Personal Opinions

The Band

cleopatrick - Luke & Ian

Two guys who know each other since kindergarden. You can see that they know each other for a long time especially when they're on stage playing their own songs.

Luke once said in an interview that they're not talking about how they'll play the songs on stage before the shows, they just do it and the result is awesome every single time. 

When i first listened to cleopatrick, i never would have thought of these two guys.

Two boys living in a small town and i thought i would live in one. If you see Luke & Ian for the very first time on scoial media, google or else, you would'nt think of such strong songs and lyrics.

Luke & Ian, the inconspicuous guys. That's exactly what came into my head when i first saw them, but when i saw them performing on stage, it immediately changed.

Luke seems a bit more like the guy who enjoys talking to new people and getting to know them. Ian seems kind of shy to me, but unfortunately we've never spoke a lot to be honest, i think that's the reason i feel that way. But they're both extremely kind and sincere.

On stage is Luke the crazy making face guy who's playing the guitar and sings with his deep voice, which you totally would'nt associate with him. And Ian? Ian changes into a high spirited guy who's playing the drums like he never did something else.

They're like two perfect working gearwheels when they're performing together. Luke & Ian are the definiton of bromance, getting along for so many years and still being best buddys.

These two guys will change music and they're already on their way.

It's not the time to let your head stuck in your ass! It's time to let loose and to tell the people what you think. That's exactly what they're doing and it's GREAT!

The Songs

hometown: this song was the very first song from the boys I've listened to. I immediately loved it, posted it in my Instagram Story and mentioned cleopatrick. Never thought that this song would be the beginning of something bigger than only listen to the band you're in love with. 


sanjake: what can I say, this song is my absolute favourite from cleopatrick right now. First time I've heard it was when the guys where in Berlin. After hearing this song I've asked myself "when are they going to release it?" It took the boys exactly 6 months to finally release sanjake and it slaps, hard!


youth: while writing something about this song i realized that i've found the guys over a year ago. That means i witnessed it when they released youth. This song fits me so well, especially because i'm a mom and i notice that my youth slowly but surely passes by. Enjoy your youth as long as you have the chance to!


daphne did it: the song starts with "I'm all mess" and that's exactly how i feel and it describes my life perfectly. Otherwise the song is pretty solid and fits absolutely in the cleopatrick songs.


the depths: i could say that this song is my second favourite the boys ever released yet. It's crazy how much i feel this song, maybe it's because of the strong guitar riff, the lyrics or the combination of it.


chromeo: all of us know this one cool guy who's in the same school or somewhere else in your life and it's kind of an honour when "chromeo" is your friend, well that's how i fell.


bernard trigger: 


Belly Button Blues: i really loooove the end of this song, not because of the fact that the song ends. I love the end because of the sick combination of the guitar riff and the drums. This part is the biggest one which stucks in my head.


The listing of the songs says nothing about which song i like the most, that's the same sequence as in my spotify playlist. I like all of the songs but Sanjake is the best right now.