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For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

NewRockMafia_fam Blog

For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

Personal Opinions

The Band

Ready the Prince - Steve, Dan & Jordan

Three guys who exactly know what they're doing. They wouldn't say it like this, but that's how it is!



The Songs

Torn Up: The very first RtP song i've listened to. With this song hitting the 10K Streams on Spotify, everyone knows that this is only the beginning. Torn Up is a strong and very energetic song. I'm a huge sucker for instrument solo's and that's what these guys can do best!


Dead Roads: It's crazy to say that nearly every single song fits perfectly, but they do! This song is about people and friends who turn out to be the wrong or the right ones for your life. 


Cliff Diver: I loose myself (in a positive way) everytime i hear this song


Note to Self: What can i say? I have a love - hate relationship with this song. I really love the refrain, and the instrumental part is damn good as always! But it's pretty difficult for me to love the other parts.


Your Way or Mine:


Drunk Without a Drug:




Teena: My all time favourite from Ready the Prince right now. This one is a little bit harder than the other songs. I really love the bass in the background and, as you may know by now, the instrumental parts. In and on itself all of the parts in this song harmonize very well together.


All the Love (I Have to Give): If you need a Love song, this is a good one. I totally can relate to this song, because I exactly felt this way before. 


Heart: This song is different from the others. Pretty different but more than just beautiful! There's a reason why every song sounds the way it does and i'm more than happy that Steve decided to tell everyone about it. Heart is one of the smoother songs and i really like that. It's perfect for day dreaming.

PB&J: This one has so many parts in it I can relate to. I really don't know how Steve does that every single time. The lyrics of his songs are extremely deep and shows how vulnerable he is.

Paralysis: I really had to get into the song because the screaming parts were not what I expected. After Teena, this song is my favourite of the guys. I love how present the bass in this song is. The tune of this song is thrilling and at first you don't realize that the song is about a really serious topic.