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For all the NRM Members and New Rock Lovers

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The Band

dubé - Jig, Liam & Quinn

All of the die hard dubé fans will probably know that these three guys are brothers. For all the people who didn't know, now you do, you're welcome.

I've found dubé over spotify after listening to the songs of cleopatrick. So they were the second band of the New Rock Mafia I've listened to.

The songs of these guys are harder than Luke & Ian's and I really like that. Who would think that the guys who smoke constantly would make such strong music.

Jig's voice is something really special i've never heard before. He has kind of a smoky voice which fits right in with all of the instruments. While he's singing, he also plays the bass and he's the sandwich sibling (i know how it feels, I'm one as well).

Liam is the oldest brother and plays the guitar. The member of the New Rock Mafia family are calling his jumps while performing "bunny jumps". At the first look, Liam seems unimpressive, but he's an example for someone who feels more than comfortable on stage.

Quinn is the youngest and i think the sassiest one of the brothers. It's really fun to watch him headbang with his great hair while he hits the drums. 

It's great to see a band which consists only of brothers who love the same thing - making music!



The Songs

Who Do You Work For:


Stoned Love:




Pretty Girls on Bikes:


Sesh On Demo:


Blaow Demo:


Happy Dying Demo:


Whatta Boom Demo:


If it is all You need Demo:


Back of the Class Demo:


Concern Demo:


I won't buy Demo: